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Accessibility Plan

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Last Update: 2023-06-01

OTI Lumionics Inc. is subject to the provisions of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The company is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and providing people with disabilities the same opportunity to access in a similar way as other employees.  

The 2023-2028 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (MYAP) will focus on building a more accessible and inclusive environment at OTI. This plan highlights the company’s support and commitment for people with disabilities while allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence. The plan will be reviewed and updated every 5 years.  


OTI’s 2023-2028 MYAP initiatives fall under the following broad categories: 

  • Training 
  • Employment 
  • Design of Public Spaces 
  • Information and Communication Standards 


OTI will implement training on the requirements of the accessibility standards and on the Human Rights Code to all employees and volunteers. The company will incorporate the training into the employee orientation process for new employees and will take steps to ensure that training will be provided to existing employees as soon as possible. Training will also be provided on an ongoing basis as it relates to any policies that have been revised pursuant to AODA. Records of training will be kept and maintained 


OTI is committed to fair and accessible employment practices across all its prospective and current employees. The company will ensure that all employment standards are met. During the recruitment process, job applicants will be notified that accommodations are available upon request in relation to the materials or processes. The accessibility needs of employees with disabilities and individual accommodation plan will be in place when considering performance management as well as career development and advancement. Upon the request of an employee with disability, OTI will consult with the employee to provide or arrange supports that are needed to perform their role.  


OTI will strive to achieve a barrier-free environment when procuring or redesigning any new space. When the company redevelops public spaces such as reception area and meeting rooms, the requirements set out in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation will be followed. This way, a permanent inclusive solution will be created to ensure accessibility for employees with disabilities.  


OTI will incorporate new accessibility requirements to ensure that its information and communication systems and platforms are accessible and are provided in accessible formats to people with disabilities. The company will ensure that all publicly available information is made accessible upon request. The information and communication needs may vary and will be determined upon consultation with the individual. 

Furthermore, the company will take measures to make the website and content to conform with WCAG 2.0, level A/AA. OTI will assess its website and implementation plans to ensure compliance with new website development and content for new websites.  


For more information on this accessibility plan, please contact us at:

Human Resources
+1 (647) 479-4074