ConducTorr™ Electrode

OLED cathode patterning
using self-assembly technology.

We are the leading developer of advanced electrode materials and associated process technology for OLED displays and lighting. Our materials reduce power consumption, improve image quality, enhance transparency and enable under display sensors.

ConducTorr™ Electrode

We are developing advanced OLED cathode patterning materials for OLED displays and lighting using our proprietary Materials Discovery Platform. Our materials are enabling best in class OLED performance and new market applications.

  • Longer battery life
  • Improved viewing angle
  • Transparent displays
  • Under display sensors
  • Large size top-emission
  • Lower cost manufacturing
SEM image of patterned cathode using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode
Self Assembly Patterning

ConducTorr™ Electrode uses our proprietary self-assembly materials to achieve previously impossible patterning of the cathode.

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Micrometer Size Features

ConducTorr™ Electrode can pattern features down to micrometer size with perfect reproducibility and smooth pattern edges.

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Ready for Mass-Production

ConducTorr™ Electrode is ready for mass-production today and has been validated by multiple customers on large Gen size panels.

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ConducTorr™ Enables New OLED Applications

The ability to pattern the top electrode using our advanced materials is enabling a new generation of OLED displays with lower power consumption, higher resolution, and integrated sensors/camera.
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ConducTorr™ Electrode – A New Class of Key Enabling OLED Materials

Our advanced materials for self-assembly patterning enable a new area for innovation in OLED display

  • Reduce display power consumption
  • Increase display transparency (AR)
  • Integrate sensors into the display
  • Increase display resolution

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Bottles of ConducTorr™ materials from OTI Lumionics

Multiple Applications of ConducTorr™

Our ConducTorr™ Electrode is being applied in multiple applications by our customers to help solve some of their most challenging problems manufacturing OLED displays.
Patterned auxiliary electrode for OLED display using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode
Pattern Auxiliary Electrode

Patterning auxiliary electrodes to reduce display power consumption and improve on-cell touch sensor response.

Connection to auxiliary electrode for OLED display using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode
Connect Auxiliary Electrode

Making electrical connection to auxiliary electrodes in the back-plane to reduce display power consumption for high-res OLED TVs.

Patterned cathode for transparent OLED display using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode
Pattern Top Cathode

Patterning the top cathode to increase transparency and enable under panel sensors and camera to perform without compromise.

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Our Collaborators

Our team works closely with leading academic researchers, materials suppliers, panel makers, and OEMs to develop new materials and technology for OLED displays and lighting.
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