Transparent Displays

Enabling bigger and better
transparent displays.

Transparent displays are just around the corner. We are developing solutions to enhance transparency, reduce power consumption, and improve image quality of transparent displays for mobile and TV size panels.

Advanced Materials for Transparent Displays

Our ConducTorr™ Electrode, developed using our proprietary Materials Discovery Platform. is enabling bigger and better transparent displays for use in  new product applications.

  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Automotive
  • Mobile devices
  • Transparent TVs
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Under display sensors
Low sheet resistance

Our patternable electrode materials have an ultra-low sheet resistance of < 1 Ω/☐, enabling larger and brighter displays without IR losses.

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Higher Transparency

Our materials enable high performance transparent displays which facilitate new applications for augmented reality.

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Higher Resolution

Our materials enable the high resolution of mobile displays in larger size formats for tablet, monitor and TV sized displays.

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Transparent OLED

Transparent OLED displays will power the next generation of consumer electronics and automotive information displays. Our materials are helping to make transparent displays a reality.
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>65% Transparent OLED Display

We recently demonstrated a 17″ transparent AMOLED display with 65% transmission, using our ConducTorr™ Electrode technology, at SID Display Week 2019 in San Jose. The panel was fabricated on a Gen 2 pilot line by ITRI in Taiwan.
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OTI Lumionics transparent OLED display in front of an LCD monitor
Microscope image of auxiliary electrode in an OLED display using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode

ConducTorr™ Electrode – Advanced Materials for Transparent Displays

Our ConducTorr™ Electrode materials have been demonstrated to have best in class performance in terms of transparency and conductivity by our customers in large size OLED display panels.
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Transparent OLED Lighting

Our ConducTorr™ Electrode technology can also be applied to enable high transparency OLED lighting for integration into windows and other transparent surfaces. Applications include as next generation automotive tail lights or break lights integrated into the rear window.
OTI Lumionics transparent OLED lighting panel

Cathode Patterning for Transparent Displays

Learn how our ConducTorr™ Electrode technology is enabling better Transparent Displays by patterning of the cathode.
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Applications of Transparent OLED

Our transparent display solutions provide innovation and enhancement to consumer electronics.
Exploded view of cellphone display without notch cutout for camera and sensors using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™

Under Panel Sensors

Our advanced materials are enabling the future of display technology allowing complex sensors to be directly integrated under the display panel.

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cellphone with different display notches

Under Display Camera

Our advanced materials are enabling the future of transparent displays allowing under display cameras that will eliminate display notches.

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