Under Panel Sensor

Enabling Under Panel Sensors

Our advanced materials are enabling the future of display technology allowing complex sensors to be directly integrated under the display panel.

IR Sensors Everywhere

Manufacturers are continuously searching to the latest technology to enhance the customer experience with their products.

Innovations such as face recognition uses a complex array of IR sensors and projectors to automate unlocking of devices and provide biometric authentication.

IR Sensors Require Notch Cutout

The addition of sensors on the front of devices creates the challenge of locating them discrete places. Problems arise when sensors land on the front face and require sacrificing of display area. Current manufacturer solutions are to create a notch or cut out area on the screen to allow the placement of other interfacing technology.

IR Sensors with
Notch-free Display

Replacing the standard cathode with our ConducTorr™ Electrode enables microscopic transparent windows to be opened in the cathode and OLED pixel layers, making the display transparent.

With the display made transparent the IR Sensors can function through the display, eliminating the need for a notch cutout.

Cathode Patterning for Under Panel Sensors

Learn how our ConducTorr™ Electrode technology is enabling better Under Panel Sensors by patterning of the cathode.
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Working with us

We are always looking for new partners or customers to collaborate with on the development of new markets using our OLED materials.

  • Consumer electronics OEMs
  • OLED Panel makers
  • Materials suppliers
  • Academic researchers


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