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Under Display Camera

Eliminating the Display Notch
With Under Display Cameras

Our advanced materials are enabling the future of transparent displays allowing under display cameras that will eliminate display notches.

Current Display Limitations

The path to bezel-less phone displays is not yet discovered.  Front facing cameras and evolving technology such as face recognition employ sensors that require disruptive notches or punch-holes in the display.

cellphone with different display notches
cellphone with full screen display

Maximize display size
without compromise

Achieved through our transparent screen solution for Under Display Camera

  • Camera and IR functionality remain
  • Display color & clarity not compromised
  • Display area maximized
  • Display aesthetic continuity

Exploded view of cellphone display with notch cutout for camera and sensors

Notch Cutout Display

The standard cathode materials and pixel design currently used in OLED displays have low transparency requiring a bulky notch cutout to accommodate the camera.

Eliminating the notch cutout requires the front facing camera to be integrated under the display, requiring the display to be transparent.

Notch-free Display with CPM™ Patterning

Replacing the standard cathode process with our CPM™ Patterning enables microscopic transparent windows to be opened in the cathode and OLED pixel layers, making the display transparent.

With the display made transparent the front facing camera can then be integrated under the display.

Exploded view of cellphone display without notch cutout for camera and sensors using OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™

Cathode Patterning for Under Display Cameras

Learn how our CPM™ Patterning technology is enabling better Under Display Cameras by patterning of the cathode.

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